Fleet Automation
is the key to regain control!

Automating fleet with GPS vehicle tracking system is the best way to manage your vehicles/drivers. It puts you in control and helps you cut losses.

  • Use raw location data to automate your fleet
  • Transform GPS tracking into valuable insights
  • Be in charge of your fleet, grow your business

Find out how you can optimize your fleet today!

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Fuel Monitoring

Fuel monitoring to prevent tank draining and fraud attempts..
The cost of fuel is always a concern, and fuel savings continue to be fundamentally important in running a successful fleet operation. In most vehicle operations fuel expenses account for at least 32% of operating costs, so fuel monitoring & management is the logical place to start in order to reach fuel efficiency. There are many factors that influence fuel consumption, and knowing these factors at all levels is important if real improvement is to be made.

Custom Notifications

Do you feel bombarded by the huge number of popup notifications and SMSs sent from multiple sources?
No more worries as AVL View’s fleet automation platform lets you choose when to receive alerts:

  1. Choose from the standard alerts offered by the platform and opt to get notified only in cases of deviations.
  2. Apart from the standard alerts, you can customize and set various alert rules of your choice.
  3. You can also opt to change the format of the alerts received via push notifications, SMS and emails.
  4. Get notified on the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of vehicles at the designated location.