Vehicle tracking reports

Useful, shareable and printable vehicle tracking reports give you the key data that matters.. No more sifting through statistics-dense documents, because now our easy-to-use vehicle tracking reports and charts do the sorting for you.


Ignition/Stoppage based : Based on how you define a trip ie., engine/ignition switched on => switched off or engine/ignition switched on => vehicle stopped for specific time.
PoI to PoI : Based on Points of Interest (PoI's) you created on map; trip report of your vehicle from one PoI to the other.
Transit : Overview on the places/villages through where your vehicles passed; time spent and distance covered through each place.
Staff Timesheet :Overview on your staffs pickup/login times; report on who has travelled in which vehicle by tracking RFID swipes.
Scheduled trips : Trip report of pre-planned schedules you created with AVLView trip schedule feature; shows scheduled & actual timings.
Staff Tasks : Report on tasks assigned to drivers/staffs in your pre-planned schedules, viz., 1. Staff name, 2. Project, 3. Location, 4. Time In, 5. Time Out etc.
Daily Summary : Meaningful insights on your vehicles on a daily basis viz.,1. First ignition on, 2. Last ignition off, 3. Total distance covered 4. No. of Trips and 5. No. of alerts.
Vehicle Summary : This report offers your vehicles' activity for a chosen time period; includes total distance covered, trips made, idle times, hours plied, alerts made etc.
PoI Visit : Overview on the stoppages made by your vehicles/drivers @ each POI/Zone you created on map; 1. Entry time, 2. Exit time, 3. Time spent @ PoI


Stoppages : Insights on stoppages made by your vehicles; where exactly did the vehicle stop, for how long and from what time to what time.
Idling : Report on idling instances (as you set in Administration) of your vehicles; idling refers to ignition/engine switched on, but vehicle not moving.

Fuel Reports

Monthly Fuel Consumption : Day to day report of fuel consumption on a monthly basis; fuel consumed, distance covered, average mileage etc.
Refuel : Report on fuel refilling locations with exact timestamps & refilled quantity(in litres) along with before/after refueling values.
Drain : Insights on fuel drain locations with exact timestamps & drained quantity (in litres) along with before/after refueling values.