Products & Services

Bulk SMS

RTL offers both personal and group SMS communication solutions to business and final consumers. We offer a comprehensive web-based customized messaging portal for your bulk sms services and needs. Our bulk SMS services can be used to send high volumes of messages to inform people about important meetings, events, notifications, campaigns or promotions

Web Hosting

Given the number of cloud services we run off our infrastructure, RTL SMS provides affordable website hosting services to small and medium businesses. Our services includes reseller hosting where you can make money with your own web hosting business, VPS hosting where you have dedicated functionality for your website and dedicated server hosting, domain name registration is possible as well.

Software Development Services

As businesses strive to differentiate themselves, building custom fully fledged software solutions is one way of providing a unique advantage to the business. However, this can come at a price. Building custom enterprise application is part of what we do at RTL SMS Limited.

Other services offered by RTL SMS include;

> Health Care Solutions

>Mobile Commerce

>SMS Polling and Voting

USSD Solutions

RTL SMS is connected to all 5 existing phone companies’ SMS and USSD platforms in Uganda. Through these current connections. Through these connections RTL enables other companies (3rd Parties) to quickly and cost effectively offer and earn from SMS or USSD services without owning or replicating such connections. The 3rd party may obtain their own unique SMS or USSD code for branding and differentiation.

Mobile Banking

RTL SMS offers mobile banking SMS alert system that has the capability to manage customer interactions by applying proactive and actionable alerts, workflows and personalized touch-points with their customers.

The bank will therefore find useful such a system to perform text message alert services for;

> ATM Transaction (withdraw & deposit)

> General Account transactions

> Intra/Inter-account Transaction

> SMS notification for salary earners

> Mini statements

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

RTL SMS has an IVR, and SIP VoIP applications. Basically, we build for you an automated customer service voice application that will act as your call receiver and guides the caller through the menu. It can also re-route the call to a designated number for further consultation or an appointment or any other purpose that the client deems fit. Our IVR platform also supports bulk voice messages modified to suit our clients.

Route Aggregation

RTL SMS provides aggregation services that come with an API that one can use for integration into their application. The API has the following features:

– Two way SMS functionality

– Custom Sender IDs

– Delivery tracking of your SMS Campaign

– Fast SMS delivery

We give our clients a variety of options to choose from including; HTTP to SMS, SMTP to SMS, SOAP, SMPP

Mobile Content

Our mobile content platform provides you with up to date information in all aspects of life. We use a mind mapping technique to ensure that we deliver to you information that is relevant and accurate!

Always be informed! With RTL’s diversified mobile content platform, you can subscribe to any of our keywords and receive information as it happens. You can be the first to know the breaking news by simply typing “KEYWORD”, and send to 8833. For example, for breaking news, you can type “BREAKING” and send to 8833. We have very many keywords you can subscribe to. It is that simple!