RTL SMS is a value added service (VAS) Telecommunications Company, providing high quality, cross-carrier Short Messaging Service (SMS) based services to businesses in Uganda. Our end to end SMS services enable your business to develop and deploy real-time SMS notifications; pre-recorded voice messages, mobile content and data access applications that dramatically reduce time-to-decision and improve service value to customers. Today’s business requirements demand that you communicate daily and instantly with your customers, in a way that is cheaper and more reliable. Our Bulk SMS Platform allows our customers to send out a single message to reach multiple mobile phones anywhere in Uganda with a single click. Our SMS gateways help connect to multiple operators from, which helps ensure the fast, reliable and qualitative delivery of messages with our scalable infrastructure. We help you save you money by keeping your systems happy, improving efficiency and helping you work smarter with our network support solutions.




To be a preferred VAS provider in the region



To provide the best client tailored VAS in real time with respect


  • To provide Quality and timely services
  • Top provide comprehensive related products
  • Offer original content
  • To provide Offer value for money services
  • To offer Client tailored timely support
  • To spearhead the development of the VAS Industry



RTL SMS Limited is blessed with technical experts who provide management leadership in the design, development and delivery of technology-enabled applications, products and services within a computing systems environment. The team also ensures the delivered solution meets the technical specifications and design requirements of the clients who need business solutions for the running of their businesses. The team, coupled with sound efficient management and state of the Art infrastructure, provides the best brains of the industry, capable of handling a wide range technologies moving with the latest trends in the industry.


Mobile Technology keeps upgrading and changing every single day. The future is very bright and by utilizing the best in technology and give services that will be feature rich, affordable, flamboyant & unique, will enable our clients to keep up to date with the latest trends. RTL SMS Limited, with its unique service would like to provide exceptional customer service and create a mutual benefit for our clients and retailers.